A Practical Guide to Product Requirements Document(PRD)

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This practical guide provides you with an example and details of writing your own PRD document. Companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter heavily use PRDs to setup a product planning and review.

Many Engineers and Product Managers work with each other to create and update PRDs as it is the single source of truth for all Product Managers. As an Director of Engineering at Google, I have reviewed over 100 PRDs and have created a list of items you need to add to PRD to provide completeness and thoroughness. Without it, planning and execution is extremely difficult.

This detailed book will provide you will all the details and context to write your own PRD and get feedback from various stakeholders.


  • Document Overview
  • 7 Key Sections
  • Deep dive into each section
  • Stakeholders involved
  • Conclusions

About Author:

Jinal Dalal is Director of Engineering at Google and has been a founder, product manager and systems engineer in his past life. You can find all my details here(https://www.linkedin.com/in/jinal-dalal/)FAQ

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A practical guide to writing a detailed Product Requirements Document

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A Practical Guide to Product Requirements Document(PRD)

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